Open Articles

1 min read - May 28th, 2016

In this very short article, I want to present the concept of Open Articles. What they are, how are they different from other articles, why the name?

##The informed beginner Being the Professional Beginner, I clearly state that I am not an expert on most the topics I talk about. This allow me to blog in real time on topics I am currently studying and sharing my latest findings with you.

However, I try as much as possible to at least know what I am talking about. It is very possible that my articles do not depict the complete picture of a specific topic. But at least I try to get my information as correct as possible. And by any means, if I get something wrong, do not hesitate to correct me: That's the whole purpose of this blog.

##The naive student While this is true for regular articles, there are times where I would really love to hear some feedback on a topic I know very little about.

Usually, these are the kind of questions that betray a complete lack of experience on a specific topic. But that's ok, learning always starts with first realizing what needs to be learned.

##Come in, We're open! And that's the concept of Open Articles. These are articles where I'm not really sure if got things right, or if I completely missed the point.

Sometimes with experience some things become obvious, and we tend to forget how quirky they looked before we fully grasped their concept.

That's the goal of Open Articles. Maybe the questions I have, have actually obvious answers from your side. And if that's the case . . . Please come in, we're open!

I think there is no need to mention it, especially in this article. But any comments would be very welcome. As always, thanks for your support

— The Professional Beginner